Top Ways to Get Pregnant

There are many top ways to get pregnant fast. Be wary of your age, you might be overcome by time. You have to give your fertility a boost by trying these 5 simple ways.

#1 – Feel Stress-free

If you have problems in conceiving, do not consider your condition bleak and hopeless. Consider the problem a personal challenge to overcome. Studies revealed that women who are stress-free and look at life positively have more chances of impregnation. They have learned to overcome and manage their anxieties.

#2 – Pay attention to your weight / BMI

On your road to conception, it is important to maintain a standard weight. If you have high body mass index (BMI), your reproductive hormones and ovulation would be interrupted. According to studies, women with a good range of BMI get pregnant fast; while those who have excess or less BMI will take time in getting pregnant. The right amount of weight is important.

#3 – Develop a healthy eating habit

Eating the right kind of food will aid you to conceive faster. According to experts, imbibing 500 milligrams of caffeine; or about 5 cups of coffee every day lowers fertility. If you must drink coffee, keep it lower than 200 – 300 mg. You can feast on a moderate quantity of high-fat dairy products as ice cream, whole cheese and milk. But you have to reduce eating meat and eat more protein veggies as soy.

#4 – Observe the right time

Timing is of importance. The fastest way to motherhood is to perform the sex dance during your fertile period. This season of grace is stated as the 6 day interval terminating on the day ovulation. Conception is most certain if you and your mate will cohabit within 3 days before ovulation. Try using an ovulation kit to determine the right time.

#5 – The benefit from lubrication

Using lubrication will benefit partners for it will not only make penetration smoother but increases the excitement of the sexual act. Recommended brands are the commercially available water based lubricants similar to Astroglide, KY Jelly, and Touch.

The inability to conceive has been the most frustrating and soul crushing experience of many women. Although, they have heeded the counsel of their family, friends and health provider, they have not experienced a stroke of luck. So far, there is no success. Begetting a child is a natural function for the female, yet why is it so difficult? Nothing they do seems to work and this makes matters only worse. The reason is that women have different constitutions, what work for some may not work for the others. The good news is that your getting pregnant is a great possibility.

Some women are overdoing it. They believe that during their fertile cycle, they have to do sex all the time. Well, this is reasonable but the reality is that for some women, the effect is the opposite. Overdoing can make the sperms in your mate exhausted so they lost their virility. It is better to give them the chance to recover by doing the act once every two days. The fatigued sperms will have enough time to recover become active and prepared for the next try.

Moderate exercise is good, at least with the advice of your doctor. But too much of anything as exercise can actually hinders ovulation. There has been no common conclusion on how much exercise is adequate for expectant mothers. It is also recommended by some sectors that those trying to get pregnant must stop for at least three months from any kind of exercise, especially the type that increases their heart rate to more than 110 beats per minute.

A simple trick is that you should not stand up after orgasm. Take around 10 minutes to savor the excitement and give sperms enough time to find their way towards the egg.

There are top ways to get pregnant, try them all and good luck!

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  1. I agree to the fact that most women are overdoing it when it comes to pushing their luck to get pregnant. What they should do is to remain positive and just enjoy the intercourse. In this way, you are both satisfied which will result to higher chances of getting pregnant.

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