Tip How to Get Pregnant

Are you planning to get pregnant now or in the near future? You may be wondering when exactly is the right time to get pregnant. First, you must understand the biology of the female body and then apply the tip how to get pregnant.

At the time of puberty, a normal female will start a month-long menstrual cycle. The presence of menstruation is the signal that the monthly cycle has started. The physical manifestation outside the body is much less than the changes taken place within.

At each monthly cycle, a lining of blood vessels and nutrients in your uterus are craftily and carefully in your body. These are all preparatory for the time the body conceives. Your body has no inkling when conception takes place, therefore, it makes a monthly preparation.

You are sure of the probability of impregnation since the uterus lining is done. At this moment, the ovaries release an ovum in your fetus which is ready for fertilization; this is called the ovulation period. Should you and your partner cohabit during this period, this way you can easily find out how to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

If the sperm does not meet the egg at this stage, it eventually perishes as the lining of the uterus becomes stale. Your body will eliminate the lining and the egg in order to start the process again. You will notice blood coming outside and this is called your menstruation. Conception is impossible during this time. The next fertile period is during your next ovulation stage.

This is a continuous cycle during your child bearing years. During pregnancy, the lining in your uterus develops into a placenta to nourish your baby for next nine months.

From the time of menarche to menopause, you are able to bear a child. After menopause, there is no more possibility to bear an infant since ova are no longer released.

The best method to know when to get pregnant is to monitor carefully your monthly cycle. It is following up the exact time of ovulation which is the proper signal to do it.

For a normal menstrual cycle, you can compute your ovulation by subtracting 14 days from the number of days in your cycle. But to sure about it, use an ovulation prediction kit which will accurately determine your ovulation by reading LH surges. For additional security, utilize the calendar and basal body temperature methods.

You must cohabit with your mate a day before you are ovulating not after as it offers a better opportunity to get pregnant faster. Make sure to have sexual intercourse a day before ovulation, not after, as this will be the best ways to get pregnant quickly. Use sexual positions that will make it easy for the sperms to reach the cervix. If the missionary position is considered passé, it is still the most ideal position. Man should be on top of the woman.

The most important method to conceive is to look after your physical health. A healthy body is your insurance for a healthy pregnancy. You can maintain wellness by:

Exercise daily.

By exercising everyday, you are building your defense mechanism to become vigorous and to get adjusted to the changes taking places during conception. You will be stronger to meet the challenge of labor and delivery.

Maintain a healthy diet.

A balanced diet means healthy eating. The Food Standards Agency (FSA recommends consuming only nutritious foods while trying to conceive, such as: fruits and veggies, carbohydrate foods, protein, fish, dairy products and iron rich foods.

Vitamin supplement for complete nutrition.

Although you maintain a balanced diet, vitamin supplement can be an extra help. Supplements are safe guard for a sound diet. Opt for one containing 100% RDA (recommended daily allowance) you will not have an overdose of minerals.

Alcohol and smoking are taboos.

The way to a healthy and successful pregnancy does not cater to alcoholic drinks and smoking. Alcohol greatly reduced male and female fertility by 50%. Researches showed that smoking can give birth to infants with digit abnormalities.

Be stress-free.

Think positive, take things easy and learn to deal with your stress. Excessive stress and anxiety have a dire effect on the regular ovulation period in women.

Keep a normal body weight.

Being underweight is unhealthy while overweight causes excessive fat deposition which may lead to infertility. When you have a normal body weight during pregnancy, you lessen the risk of other disorders as gestational diabetes.

By now, you understand the female bodily functions and the tip how to get pregnant.