Pregancy Symptoms

Getting pregnant is an awesome and wonderful experience. But only a pregnancy test will either confirm or deny that you are on the family way. But prior to this confirmation, some tell tale signs are evident. In some instances, early pregnancy symptoms appear even a few weeks after conception.

Here are its classic clues:

1. The female breasts provide the first clue. At the second week after conception, there are some hormonal changes which cause the breasts to feel tender, tickly and even painful. The breasts feel heavier and appear fuller.

2. Exhaustion is one of the most persistent clues. When the condition of the hormone progesterone rises, a pregnant woman feels sleepy. The combined lowering of the levels of blood sugar and blood pressure, in conjunction with increased blood production, weaken the body’s energy.

3. Another tell tale sign is spotting or vaginal bleeding. Another term given to this is implantation bleeding. It is caused by the attachment of the fertilized ovum to the uterus’ lining 10 -14 days after fertilization. The bleeding is lighter in color compared to the usual menstruation and it is short-lived.

4. Early in pregnancy, some women suffer abdominal cramping which are similar to menstrual cramps.

5. Morning sickness is the classic gravid symptom but the term is a misnomer for it happens anytime of the day or night. As early as two weeks after conception, nausea commences.

6. Nausea is partly due to the increasing estrogen level which makes the stomach empty more slowly.

7. The pregnant woman’s sense of smell is heightened; so many kinds of odors become unpleasant — such as cigarette smoke, scents, and food cooking. These stimuli commence vomiting and nausea.

8. There is a strong craving or aversion for certain kinds of food. A child-bearing woman has aversion for the smell and even the mere sight of some food. But food cravings are common, too. These food preferences and aversion are also traceable to some hormonal changes in her body.

9. Most mothers-to-be complain of headaches which are again commonly triggered by hormonal changes.

10. Another common early clue of impregnation is constipation. Due to the high level of hormone, food passes more slowly through the intestines; resulting to constipation.

11. An expectant mother is very emotional due to the work of chemical changes in her body. Her mood is like a swing, it can be high or low.

12. Complaints of dizziness and lightheadedness are caused by the dilation of the blood vessels and dropping of the blood pressure. Feeling faint is due to low blood sugar.

13. The basal body temperature which is the oral temperature of your body in the morning is raised slightly after ovulation and will remain the same until the next period. If the basal body temperature in the morning continues to rise, then you are on the family way.
However, these symptoms are not limited only to pregnancy. Some can be a sign that you are ill or that your period is approaching. There are also pregnant women who do not experience any of the symptoms indicated at all.

But missing a period is a big red sign that motherhood is fast approaching. But to be sure, you take a pregnancy test. For women whose menstrual cycle is irregular, only this test is most reliable. If your test is positive, your parturiency is conformed and it is advisable to begin prenatal care.
Pregnancy symptoms maybe a source of disappointment or joy but they are given to you as a clue that you are about to become a mother.

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  1. When you missed your period, this doesn’t always mean that you are pregnant. In order to check, don’t panic and don’t assume automatically. Run a test bu using a pregnancy kit so that you will know if ever you just had a delay or you are really pregnant.

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